Add to Cart August 9, 2020

It’s 3AM and I Add to Cart

I wanted a Tiffany Mug. It’s in Tiffany blue with the Tiffany ribbon as an accent. It’s iconic. And it doesn’t come by too often on Instagram, that place where we buy stuff we don’t need.

Well, someone else wanted it, too, and dropped her Mine on the comments section a fraction of a second before I did. So, I lost it.

No, not just the mug.

I really lost it.

Because I hate losing.

So, now it’s almost 3AM and I’m hunting for it like an insane woman. E-bay. Pinterest. Etsy. Amazon. Oh, why didn’t I think of it? The Tiffany website and here we are! Wait, there’s no mug like it. Instead, the world opens to this whole world of Tiffany possibilities! Pendants in the shape of a Tiffany shopping bag, the recognizable Tiffany box, a cute ladybug, the storied key pendant, the popular double hearts in gold and blue. This is me hyperventilating.

Imagine me in Zoom meetings with just a simple white top but with this dainty necklace with the double hearts. I imagine me doing an Aubrey Hepburn. See, I just googled the Tiffany history, its rightful place in the American pop culture, and how the blue even has a Pantone number.

My search takes me to the Top Ten Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman should own. The Cartier Love Bracelet. Oh, I’d love to have one, too.

Please note that I’m not into jewelry. I have my watches but that’s all. I don’t own a piece of jewelry nor did I ever imagine myself being into it.

But I can’t stop now, can I? The Most Iconic Bracelets of All Time. Cartier Love Bracelet. Hermes Clic Clac. Celine Knot Double. David Yurman Cable Bracelet. Tiffany T Bracelet.

So, now we go back to Tiffany.

It’s getting late. Or, rather, it’s getting early.

I have to put this to bed. So, let’s do it.

Hermes Pop H Necklace. Add to cart.

How we got from there to here, I don’t know.

It’s 3AM and I must be lonely.


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